Nominated The Best Photographer in Hartwell Georgia

Hey y’all! I’m Shalisha, your friendly neighborhood photographer here in good ol’ Hartwell, Georgia! Yep, born and raised right here, soaking up all the sweet tea and southern charm this town has to offer. And guess what? The folks in Hartwell went ahead and voted me as the best photographer around! Can you believe it? Me, just a goofy gal with a camera, capturing all the giggles and grins in town!

My Mission

So here’s the scoop: I’m on a mission to freeze-frame every belly laugh, every happy tear, and every awkward family pose into memories that’ll last a lifetime. Whether I’m snapping a pic of a glowing mom-to-be or catching that perfect “I do” moment at a wedding, my goal is simple: to spread joy through my lens and have a blast doing it!


Now, let’s talk shop, shall we? I’m all about branding photography and maternity magic. But hey, I won’t say no to a good ol’ family portrait session or capturing the craziness of a wedding day! With my hubby as the videographer-extraordinaire and website wizard, and our three kiddos—Daniel, Eden, and Davyn—keeping us on our toes, we’re one big happy (and slightly chaotic) family!

Family and Community:

Speaking of family, we’re as Hartwell as sweet tea on a porch swing! And let me tell ya, being part of the Hartwell Chamber of Commerce feels like a big ol’ bear hug from the whole town! We’re pumped to keep spreading smiles, capturing memories, and goofing around with all you lovely folks in Hartwell and beyond!


Alright, y’all, it’s been a hoot sharing my journey with you! Being named the best photographer in Hartwell by the people of Hartwell is a dream come true, and I can’t wait to keep snappin’ smiles and making memories with each and every one of ya. So grab your cheesiest grin and let’s capture some magic together!

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